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If you’re a cat owner and had to take your cat to the vet for check ups, vaccinations, or other treatment, the experience may have been a bit stressful for both of you. Going to the vet shouldn’t be a hassle or a traumatic experience. That’s why the Cat Friendly Practice® program was started.

Longwood Veterinary Center is a Cat Friendly Practice, and we pride ourselves on providing exceptional care for cats in a stress free envirionment.What is a Cat Friendly Practice®?

Established by the American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP) and the International Society for Feline Medicine (ISFM), the Cat Friendly Practice® program is a global initiative created to help improve medical care for cats. The program seeks to reduce stress for everyone involved in these care visits– the cat, the pet owner, and the veterinary team.

Benefits for Feline Pet Owners

When you are a cat owner, and you seek pet care from a vet office that has the Cat Friendly Practice® certification, you can rest assured the veterinary staff will go the extra mile, taking extra steps to ensure you and your cat receive the best possible care and have a positive experience.

At Longwood Veterinary Center, we vow to:

  • Understand the unique behaviors/needs of our feline patients
  • Create a cat-friendly environment
  • Work to ensure visits are more cat-friendly
  • Understand how to approach and care for cats with gentleness and empathy
  • Have the necessary equipment to adequately diagnose and treat cats at our facility
  • Meet standards for providing quality care for cats

At Longwood, it is important to us that you have a great experience every time you bring a pet to our hospital. As a Cat Friendly Practice®, we are fully committed to the highest quality of care for all our feline patients. Our cat friendly certification is demonstrative of this commitment.

At our Cat Friendly Practice, we focus on handling techniques, communication, and education to ensure a stress free environment for our feline patients.Why Choose a Cat Friendly Practice®?


At a Cat Friendly Practice®, team members are versed in the best practices for feline handling, ensuring your pet is approached gently and respectfully. Doctors and nurses are trained to identify signs of pain or sickness in cats that are often subtle and easily overlooked. Furthermore, physical examinations are performed wherever it is most comfortable for your cat, whether that means the floor, a chair, in the vet’s lap, or even inside an open pet carrier.

Waiting Area

We know waiting to be called back to an exam room can be a stressful experience for cats and their owners. For that reason, we go to great lengths to eliminate potential stressors during the wait. This includes limiting time spent in the waiting room, fast admission to cat specific exam rooms, and a cat only waiting room.


Cat Friendly Practices® also work diligently to facilitate ongoing communication with cat owners sharing cat-specific educational materials and information that can contribute to quality care at home. We educate our clients about cat behavior, nutrition, disease and parasite prevention, and opportunities for environmental enrichment.

Comprehensive Preventative Care for Cats

Cat Friendly Practices® like Longwood recommend young, healthy cats have annual check ups. Senior pets or pets with chronic conditions that require monitoring should be seen at least twice yearly. All exams include pain, behavioral and nutritional assessments, with recommendations specific to each individual cat based on age, lifestyle, and any health concerns your cat might have.

At Longwood Veterinary Center, we love your cats as if they were our own, and we strive to provide each of them with the best possible medical care. Beyond that, we want their experiences with us to be as stress free as possible. Our goal is to create a warm and comfortable environment for both you and your cat, as we work to continually grow our understanding of these unique animals while improving our interactions with our patients and clients every single day.